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What is dCube: AXGATE’s Proprietary Technology

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In the realm of advanced technology, AXGATE stands at the forefront, offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of communication infrastructures. One such groundbreaking technology developed by AXGATE is dCube, a proprietary solution designed to revolutionize data transmission using IP channel bonding.

dCube Bonding: A Stable Communication Environment

Technology Patent

AXGATE’s dCube technology is underpinned by a robust patent: “Method for data transmission using IP channel bonding (Korea/10-2012-0084659).” This patent lays the foundation for binding low-cost Internet lines to create high-bandwidth VPN channels, ensuring maximum speed through bandwidth-based load balancing.

Addressing Communication Challenges

With the surge in communication demands between headquarters and branches, driven by video calls, VoIP, CCTV monitoring, and more, the need for faster and uninterrupted services has become paramount. dCube addresses these challenges by employing an optimized line management algorithm, preparing for failures in xDSL lines, and facilitating immediate fail-over without session disconnection.

dCube Bonding Features

Correction by Retransmitting Lost Packets

Loss Control: To minimize lag and jitter caused by packet loss in the Packet Load-Balancing mode, dCube employs a sophisticated approach. It detects packet loss during transmission, triggers the retransmission of lost packets, and ensures proper reordering.

Load Balancing Based Online Speed Detection

dCube maximizes line availability by distributing traffic load based on the bandwidth of each line through Bandwidth Aggregation. This approach contrasts with traditional methods where the deterioration of one line affects the speed of others, significantly impacting overall VPN Tunnel bandwidth.

Preventing Failure: Controlling Data Flow in the Tunnel Section

Flow Control: An essential function within dCube to prevent excessive data inflow into the tunnel. By maintaining tunneling through data flow control, dCube acts as a safeguard against disruptions caused by a large influx of data, such as through infection with malicious code.


In conclusion, dCube is not just a technology; it’s a comprehensive solution addressing the intricate challenges of modern communication. From its patent-protected foundation to its advanced features like loss control, load balancing, and flow control, AXGATE’s dCube stands as a testament to innovation in creating stable and reliable communication environments.

Stay tuned for more updates on AXGATE’s cutting-edge technologies and their impact on shaping the future of connectivity.

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