Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

An Intelligent Data Network Management Solution

We fully understand any Internet Service Provider’s requirement to acquire and implement a Deep Packets Inspection Solution in order to enhance its network quality and visibility on subscribers’ traffic, beside applying policies, while consistently providing its customers with cutting-edge products and services.

We are offering a unique Deep Packets Inspection Solution that provides advanced analytics to efficiently manage, in real time, both Networks and Customers services. 

Our DPI solution inspects the traffic and collect statistics, block flows, redirect traffic, and apply policies. It supports time-of-day and day-of-week conditions.  End users will be equipped with an advanced solution built using the unique DPI innovative features that make it simple for the Operator to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. We will provide end users with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to identify active hosts and devices, Network access round-trip or latency, top OTT apps, data traffic per handset, bandwidth by application and deep technical insights.

  • High Network scalability, including unique use cases
  • World class best practices and deep technical insight
  • System and interface support allowing smooth operational environment
  • Outstanding partnership rewarded by end users & management team satisfaction

Our DPI Software Services team offers a wide variety of services to improve our customers’ revenues through service roll out and application integration. The team increases operational efficiencies through OSS assessment and roadmap planning, tools design and deployment services, managed services, and Business Intelligence Software Solutions.

Our DPI Software Services:

Software Services
Performance Management
Business and Service Intelligence
Service & Network Resource Management
Application Integration & Deployment
Technology Domain Management
Service Assurance & Operations

Support network design, optimization and operations through current and targeted performance reporting

  • Analysis of network vendor releases
  • KPI/KQI and calculation definition
  • ETL of source PM data
  • Data warehouse support
  • Analytics development
  • Dashboard, reporting and GIS interfaces

Optimizing business functions of customer care and revenue management through information analysis, integration, and decision support.

  • Assessment of business revenues, costs and outcomes
  • Data aggregation, analytics and reporting
  • Operations and business process analysis and recommendations
  • Data and workflow integration to ensure integrity

the controlled and efficient integration and deployment of Value-Added Services Common installation framework

  • Product and service catalog planning
  • Order-to-activation process design
  • OTA activation integration
  • Inventory meta-model design
  • Network discovery & reconciliation
  • Service delivery platform integration

the controlled and efficient integration and deployment of Value-Added Services Common installation framework

  • Software version control
  • Build to release process
  • Deployment planning
  • Centralized configuration management
  • Automated installation and validation testing

Integrated visibility and control of critical technology domains

  • Custom EMS/OMC builds for vendors
  • Fault, configuration and performance management
  • Software installation and upgrade

Our DPI Features


Allowing the seamless real-time classification of all data packets from user sessions flowing on user plane interfaces.


From user sessions in relation to volume, throughput, latency … and Quality of Experience metrics alongside data calls metadata information extraction.


As these signature are in-house built and updated giving us the leeway to update and add custom signatures fitting the region behavior and customer requests


Features ranging from Blocking features to Steering features (Mirroring and divert) and including traffic shaping capabilities.


In a virtual Environment. Functions are deployed as containers governed by Kubernetes and relies on SR-IOV and DPDK for the Data Plane (IGW) processing interfaces to accomplish line rate performance.


Dashboards are part of the application and they range from Overview to technical and from Marketing to customer Care views as well.

Historical Reporting
Users with proper privileges/permissions will have the capability to access the Historical Reporting dashboard where statistics from all nodes in the environment can be viewed and reported on.
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