Threat Intelligence

What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat Intelligence involves gathering and analyzing data to identify potential or actual threats to an IT environment. Security teams look for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) for persistent threats and zero-day (recently discovered) exploits. Threat Intelligence Feeds allow organizations to proactively defend against cyber-attacks and mitigate the risks to their operations and reputation.

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An effective and simpler option may be to use threat intelligence feeds, which provide insights based on the experience of a third party. Threat intelligence feeds are continuous streams of actionable information on existing or potential threats. Our platform collects security data on IoCs such as anomalous activity and malicious domains and IP addresses, from a number of sources. then we can correlate the data and process it to produce threat intelligence and management reports. With our SIEM platform, the customers can access a number of open source or commercial threat intelligence feeds and sources. Our support services can help you selecting the best threat intelligence feeds for each organization and tailor a security solution to meet every single specific need.


OSINT feeds and intelligence sources are popular tools for cybersecurity reconnaissance. These projects aggregate data from the open source community and other IT sources to provide accessible, constantly updated feeds. Feeds provided by the government and independent research bodies are also typically open for use.


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