Next-Generation Firewall

Impenetrable High-Performance Network Security

Welcome to the vanguard of cybersecurity technology with our next-generation firewall (NGFW). Unmatched in both performance and security, our NGFW stands as the undisputed number one choice for safeguarding your digital assets. This impenetrable fortress is designed to shield your network from evolving threats, setting the gold standard for comprehensive protection. Discover the future of cybersecurity with our NGFW, ensuring your organization’s safety in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Product’s special strengths and key features

Models and Specifications

Model Firewall Throughput

320 Gbps

176 Gbps

50 Gbps

51 Gbps

36 Gbps

28 Gbps

16 Gbps

12 Gbps

7.3 Gbps

4.7 Gbps

4.5 Gbps

990 Mbps

990 Mbps

990 Mbps