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Cloud Integration & Migration Services

The Cloud offers powerful IT options for large enterprises and organizations. The speed, flexibility and cost advantages are widely understood.
The cloud gives business agility. To get products and services to market quicker. Organization can scale up and down more easily. The cloud frees IT resources to do more customer-focused or innovative work. Ultimately, it moves away from CAPEX and into OPEX, significantly reducing costs.
Tight integration with on-premises applications is critical. It allows organizations to extend the life of its legacy systems and tap into rich data sources. We can make this happen.
Successful, Systematic and Stable Migration Based on Methodology and Best Practices Through Years of Experience and Know-How.

  • Recommend optimal cost and operational efficiency based on customer requirements
  • Stable and accurate project execution ability based on years of experience in Real IDC operations and data center transfer projects
  • Provides various manuals from infrastructure configuration to service operation

Infrastructure Assessment

Assessment and Planning are Combining technology know-how with business principles to ensure a solid return on your IT investments. However, Over time problems can emerge performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies and unintended information silos take form. it has been difficult to keep on top of what is new and what best supports your organization’s strategy. Therefore more organizations are realizing that to ensure a solid return on their IT investments, they need to develop an IT strategic plan so that they can effectively allocate resources Our Infrastructure assessment services provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your existing environment and the health of your current infrastructure and also provides you with the recommendation to improve the performance of your environment and makes you understand how your environment will meet your business needs.


Know Your Infrastructure

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the performance, efficiency, and capacity utilization of your entire infrastructure


Optimize Your Infrastructure Performance

Learn how long your existing systems can continue to serve the growing needs of your business


Gain Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions about investments that support corporate goals and metrics


Go Further, Faster

Rely on our experts to optimize your existing infrastructure


  • Assets

Discovering the Hardware and Software assets and define the readiness for Upgrading discovering the Utilization of the existing hardware.

  • Infrastructure

Discover the Underlying infrastructure and configuration implemented to deliver what is available.

  • Vulnerabilities

Discover any weak links, single points of failure, and the overall stability of the system being assessed.

  • Performance, Utilization and Efficiency

Evaluate the current Infrastructure Performance, Utilization and Efficiency to define the best fit design with Microsoft Best Practical guidelines.



Recommendation Report based on Microsoft Best Practice standards and the data collected we generate Report with Recommended Configuration Changes, Upgrade Options, and New Implementations to Optimize and enhance your Business & Organization productivity.

Assessment Plan

Based on the recommendation report we define General Plan according to the priorities & business needs.


Final Stage is implementing the recommended plan to move forward with business to next level.

Security Assessment

Cyber-attacks on businesses and organizations are a growing menace. Organization can ‘hope’ something never happens or take preventative action.
Here at TrustWay Technologies we can give organizations an objective assessment of the state of IT security to help give peace of mind. We will show customers strategies, share best practice and recommend ways to put right any gaps in their network or systems.  
Our IT security risk assessment services will give you in-depth insights into your cyber security risks so that you can build an effective defense.
By leveraging our cyber security risk assessment services, you will gain the following:
  • A clear-eyed assessment of the cybersecurity threats facing your business.
  • Identify all security vulnerabilities in your IT environment
  • Understand how relevant cyber threats can affect your business.
  • Gain management buy-in through informed insights of your IT security gaps.
  • Optimize IT spending by precisely targeting relevant cyber threats.
  • Elevate your IT security to industry compliance or best practices standards.

Professional Services

Whether Organizations require IT installation, solutions or have an integration project, SecureWay Technologies can deliver on all fronts.Our expert engineers can save unnecessary expenditure as they use their years of experience in the field to put things in place. They will carry out all customer’s requirements to the full yet also offer advice if they see a better solution for organization.


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