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Empowering Telco Operators with Cutting-Edge WEB Filtering Solution

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Secure, Swift, Superior: The Telco Operator's Choice for WEB Filtering

Amidst a digital landscape where 60-70% of internet traffic is encrypted, the need for robust web filtering solutions has never been more pronounced. Telco operators, pivotal in ensuring secure web content delivery, grapple with adapting their filtering policies to the encrypted nature of HTTPS websites. Addressing this challenge head-on, our established WEB Filtering Solution emerges as a cornerstone for telco operators striving to comply with regulations and curtail unwanted content.

Our WEB Filtering Solution: Setting Industry Standards

Distinguished by its exceptional performance capabilities—boasting a remarkable throughput of 100Gbps—our solution stands as a testament to efficiency with minimal hardware requirements. This makes it a cost-effective and resource-efficient choice for telco operators who have already embraced its capabilities.

Key Features:
  • High Performance

    Delivering x10G/x100G throughput, our solution effortlessly handles diverse network environments.

  • Out-of-Band Deployment

    Ensuring excellent stability, our solution operates out-of-band, eliminating concerns about single points of failure or additional latency. Telco operators can seamlessly integrate our solution without the need for extensive network changes.

  • HTTPS Filtering Expertise

    Tackling the challenge of filtering encrypted HTTPS traffic, our solution leverages advanced technologies, including Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), to enforce filtering policies effectively.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Adapting effortlessly to fixed or mobile networks, our solution offers stability and reliability without compromising on performance.

  • Integrated Management System

    Equipped with a centralized management and monitoring system, our solution enables telco operators to handle multiple filtering servers with ease. From configuration management to real-time monitoring, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools.

  • Policy Control

    Empowering telco operators with configurable IP/Port control, URL categorization, and integrated policy management for effective control over web content.

  • Compliance Assurance

    Supporting telco operators in adhering to laws and regulations, our solution is especially effective against issues like child pornography in regions where such mandates are in place.

Stability with Out-of-Band Manageability

Our Out-of-Band deployment ensures reliable network management without compromising speed. Through replication traffic transmission with TAP (Test Access Point), our solution guarantees no impact on latency, overcoming the limitations associated with In-Line products.

Integrated Management System for Scalability

Telco operators can effortlessly scale their filtering capabilities by adding WEB Filtering sensors based on traffic requirements. The integrated management system provides a holistic view of system status, filtering statistics, configuration management, and historical data, empowering operators with actionable insights.


In an internet landscape dominated by encryption, our WEB Filtering Solution stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Telco operators can confidently navigate the challenges of content filtering, ensuring a secure and compliant online environment for users. Explore the continued excellence of web filtering with our established solution that combines performance, stability, and adaptability like never before.

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