Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Our SIEM Solution is a modular platform for controlling and managing ICT security. Its modular and distributed architecture means it can adapt to the various company needs. With our SIEM, you can create an aggregate display with all the information gathered from log collection, vulnerability scan and endpoint status. The collected information feeds a correlation engine and analytics system to provide a fully network security posture and adopt automatic response against cyber security threats. Our SIEM is offered as on premise or cloud installation, single or multi-tenant version.

Predictable Price, Unlimited Data.

The first SIEM at a predicable price and transparent licensing model.
The license cost is based on the total number of devices sending logs, not on the obsolete volume of data or event per second (EPS) count.

Easy Licensing

SGBox NG-SIEM licensing is based on the number of modules and the number of IP addresses that sends logs to the appliance. Licenses are available as a "Subscription", from 1 to 3 years, or as a "Perpetual License”.

Clear, predictable and linear costs

Linear and predictable costs over time, thanks to a simple and direct metric that does not consider the EPS, the volume of the logs received, or even the space necessary for their storage.

Save money

Costs only increase when new data sources are added. No hidden or additional costs if your data volumes grow.