Security Surveillance & Analytics

 Elevate Your Security: Smart Surveillance, Smarter Analytics

Security Surveillance & Analytics have evolved beyond conventional security applications, offering transformative benefits across diverse sectors. From physical security and law enforcement to marketing, operations, facility management, and customer experience, video content analytics are now indispensable tools for a variety of organizations.


Our Advanced video management system provides a top-tier surveillance solution, enhancing the security and efficiency of your business. By connecting and centralizing all your cameras, sensors, and IoT devices, it offers a seamless and comprehensive view of your operations. The open platform design allows for easy integration of various video technologies, including the latest in analytics and AI. As your business grows or your needs change, the system can scale accordingly. With built-in cybersecurity features, it ensures compliance with strict privacy regulations, safeguarding your data and maintaining regulatory standards.
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The facial recognition system enhances both security and operational efficiency for businesses. Seamlessly integrating with existing security infrastructure, it provides accurate, real-time identification, improving access control and monitoring. This versatile solution supports applications such as employee authentication and visitor management, ensuring a secure environment. Its flexible design allows for the incorporation of the latest facial recognition advancements, scaling with organizational needs. Built with a focus on privacy and data protection, it ensures compliance with stringent regulations, maintaining high standards of security and confidentiality.


This system seamlessly integrates with your security infrastructure, delivering real-time vehicle identification for improved access control and monitoring. Ideal for parking management and vehicle tracking, it ensures a secure environment. Its flexible design supports the latest advancements and scales with your organization, prioritizing privacy and data protection.
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This system detects and responds to unusual activities in real-time, integrating with your surveillance infrastructure for advanced monitoring and alerts. It addresses potential threats promptly, including theft prevention and loitering detection. Its flexible architecture supports the latest advancements and grows alongside your organization, emphasizing privacy and data protection.


This system detects unauthorized access in real-time, integrating into your existing security setup for precise monitoring and immediate alerts. It protects property boundaries, sensitive areas, and critical infrastructure. Adaptable to the latest advancements, it grows with your organization while prioritizing privacy and data protection.
Parameter Intrusion System
AI Video-Surveillance


Revolutionize your system with AI for intelligent monitoring, analysis, and decision-making. From real-time threat detection to predictive analytics, AI-powered solutions enhance surveillance operations. Continuously adapting and learning, these technologies evolve with your needs, ensuring proactive protection. With a commitment to data security and privacy, AI-driven solutions deliver peace of mind.


Unlock the potential of your system with advanced forensic analysis, uncovering valuable insights and critical information. From pinpointing suspicious activities to reconstructing events, it revolutionizes investigations. With advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology, these solutions offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Continuously evolving, they adapt and grow alongside your organization, ensuring you stay ahead of threats while prioritizing data security and privacy.
Forensic Analysis


Transform your security operations by centralizing and correlating data from various security devices and systems. PSIM enhances situational awareness and response capabilities, from real-time incident management to historical data analysis. Its flexible architecture integrates with existing infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition to advanced security management. Continuously evolving, PSIM adapts and grows alongside your organization, providing comprehensive protection against emerging risks while prioritizing data security and privacy.